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As the lead financial advisor at Platt Wealth Management, I work with clients to organize and analyze all the moving pieces that make up their finances. While it’s essential to look at cash flow, stock returns, and tax liabilities, it’s critical to understand how to use each strategy as part of a working whole. Minding how the details interact makes for better success.

Daily I help clients with their financial planning, whether that means answering questions over the phone, reviewing their investment portfolio in a virtual meeting, or taking a deep dive into their financial plan. My goal is to help clients feel confident that their day-to-day financial life is in harmony with their long-term strategic goals.

I feel that a financial plan is very personal and specific to each client. It is constantly changing and adapting as life changes, and we encounter new experiences. New relationships develop, new goals and desires replace things that we’ve already achieved or moved past. As an advisor, I pay attention to how client plans evolve to ensure they reach the destination they want. Having a financial plan that works and adapts gives them the confidence that they can achieve their goals as they move through the different milestones of their life.

Curtis West, Lead Financial Advisor at Platt Wealth Management


Utilizing his 17 years of diverse experience in financial services, Curtis works to help his clients define their goals and maximize their resources to achieve success. His driving force is to live an adventurous life while making meaningful connections with people helping them overcome the obstacles and fears that keep them from true success.


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