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Sharon Economous

Client Service Administrator

Compassion and Compliance


As the Client Service Administrator at Platt Wealth Management, I am very passionate about providing exceptional client service. I enjoy helping others, whether by watching the neighbor’s house while they are away on a missionary trip to China for a year, volunteering at my daughter’s school, or offering to babysit my friend’s children so they can run errands. I like talking with clients when they come in for meetings and over the phone, getting to know each other. As I learn more about the client’s background, current situation, and future goals, I know how best to help them where I can.

I am responsible for the firm’s Compliance and Cybersecurity programs. In my experience as a Compliance Administrator, I developed, maintained, and monitored Compliance and Cybersecurity programs. Although others may view compliance as very strict and unbending, I find that I enjoy reviewing policies and creating processes to align with the firm’s operations according to SEC requirements.

At Platt Wealth Management, I work closely with the rest of the team on our Compliance program, ensuring the policies and procedures stay in place to meet regulatory requirements. The regulatory landscape changes quickly, so I review new regulations and amendments, analyze their impact on the firm, and then create new policies and procedures or update existing policies and procedures.

I add to my knowledge by working to obtain my Investment Advisor Core Compliance Program certification, a nationally recognized professional standard that provides the foundation for Compliance professionals, ensuring we consistently meet both routine and newly required compliance procedures.

Lifetime Learner

I always knew I would go back to school for a higher degree. No one in my family has ever received a Master’s Degree, and I wanted to be the first one to do so. I decided to attend San Diego State because it was very cost effective, and they have a great MBA program.

I worked full time during the day and went to San Diego State at night. It took me two years to complete my Master’s Degree in Information Systems.

I continue to learn new things, whether at work, school or in my personal life. This keeps me motivated and pushes me beyond my boundaries to acquire new skills. Once I crocheted a blanket for every family member, no small feat considering I have quite a large family. I learned to sew, so I no longer pay to get my pants hemmed. When my daughter began taking piano lessons, I joined in too.

I also volunteer for various school activities for my daughter and sponsor a yearly booth at my daughter’s school to showcase a country. In doing these things, my mind stays engaged, and I feel productive.

Finance: A Calling


Born in the Philippines, I came to the United States at nine years old, along with my two brothers and two sisters. I witnessed the sacrifices my parents had to make by coming to another country with minimal resources. I feel very fortunate that my parents gave my siblings and I the opportunity to live in a country where we can choose how we would like to shape our lives.

My dad taught me the importance of saving now for your future. As my first financial mentor, I cannot thank him enough in helping me realize that the more you plan now, the better your future will be. His advice spurred me on to a career in the financial industry, helping clients achieve financial freedom.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration-Finance from San Diego State University while working full time at a payroll company. When I graduated, I landed a job with the largest value investor in San Diego. I started in their Accounting Department, processing deposits, and fee collection. After a few years, a Client Associate position opened up in the Portfolio Management Department. I applied and won the job. Instead of calling terminated clients and collecting their fees, I spoke with clients about their accounts, statements, and requests. I learned from Portfolio Managers who let me sit in during their client calls when discussing assets, the market outlook and the stocks held and purchased in the clients’ accounts.

My experience also includes portfolio management, payroll, and project management.  A fifteen-year veteran of the financial services industry, I continue to look forward to new challenges in finance.


Information Systems for Business Success


At Platt Wealth Management, I work closely with our IT Consultant on our Cybersecurity initiatives to keep our company and our client data safe. I have always been interested in Information Technology and the role of computers and computer applications in business systems.

When choosing my master’s program, with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Finance, I could have easily selected Finance, Marketing, Management, or Accounting. I wanted to challenge myself and do something extraordinary, so I signed up for Information Systems.

One of the most important things I learned when going to school for Information Systems was to make sure to keep employee knowledge within the company. With high turnover rates in many companies, processes and procedures must be documented to ensure when an employee leaves, their job duties are written out so that anyone can quickly step in to complete their tasks.


Tips for Cybersecurity

On a personalized level, I enjoy speaking with clients and giving them tips and advice on what they can do to keep their information secure.

Strong Passwords

Recent studies have shown the longer the password, the harder it is to crack. Passwords should no longer be one word but a string of words or even a sentence. It is good practice to have a unique password for every site. Using a password manager makes password recall easy since you will only need to know your “Master” password for the password manager. This process may seem cumbersome, but the more layers you have in protecting your data, the less likely it will be compromised.

Two Factor Security

In addition to having a secure password, I strongly encourage clients to use two-factor authentications for your online accounts, especially your email and online banking. Two-factor authentication requires that you provide two different methods of confirming your identity. Most often, this second method of verifying your identity uses an app on your mobile device. The app sends a code via text to your cell phone, or a key fob. Someone with your user name and password would not be able to log in unless they have physical access to your phone or the fob.

Strange Emails

Hackers get more sophisticated every day. Always question any request you receive. For example, if you get an email that you are not expecting and it asks that you click on a link, please ignore and delete the email. For best practice, navigate to the website using your browser instead of using the link embedded within the email. Some hackers create copy cat websites of your bank and request that you enter in your username and password. Once you do, they capture your keystrokes and learn your credentials.

Scary Phone Calls

Email is not the only method bad guys use to get your information. They send texts and ask that you click on a link and enter your credentials. Do not do this! Delete the text.

Enterprising thieves reach out to you falsifying a government agency such as the IRS, the State or Social Security. Do not engage with them or provide them any information. Hang up. Call the government agency directly to confirm if they tried to reach you. Most often, they will confirm the attempt to hack into your information. Always remember the IRS, State, or Social Security will not proactively reach out to you. If you aren’t expecting the call, do not answer it.

Collaborative and Supportive


After working for a large corporate wealth management firm for several years in a compliance capacity, I realized that I preferred working in a more collaborative environment, where I could exchange ideas and solutions with clients and staff.

When I saw the Platt Wealth Management open position for a Client Service Administrator, I immediately reached out to Tracy Burgett.

I had worked with Tracy on the Compliance Committee at my previous firm before she left to take the Director of Financial Planning role at Platt Wealth Management. We had completed the very daunting task of performing an SEC mock audit together to prepare our firm in case of an actual examination. Tracy had always made herself available if I had any questions or needed her help. So, I asked if I can forward my resume to her in hopes that I would at least get an in-person interview with the rest of the team.

During the interview, Jeff, Angela, and Tracy made me feel at ease, and I knew Platt Wealth Management was a place I could continue to grow and contribute to the firm’s success. A few of my colleagues who had worked with Jeff and Angela gave all positive opinions and, although they knew I would be leaving them, they encouraged me to accept the position. I was looking for a firm with a more collaborative environment, and I definitely have found it.

Our Team

We are committed to finding the right solutions for our clients and expanding our
understanding of best practices for wealth management.

Jeff Platt

Founder and CEO

Jeffrey Platt, JD, CFA, CFP® is the founding principal and CEO of Platt Wealth Management. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Tracy Burgett

Director of Financial Planning

Tracy Burgett is the Director of Financial Planning for Platt Wealth Management, where she creates customized financial plans and works with clients on tax, charitable, and estate planning strategies.

Angela Melfi

Director of operations

Angela Melfi is the Director of Operations for Platt Wealth Management, where she oversees marketing, compliance, technology, human resources and business operations. 

In addition to our fee-only investment management services, Platt Wealth Management offers financial plans to answer your important financial questions. How close are you now to your goals and dreams? Where do you want to go? How can you get there?

Our four-step financial planning process is designed to be a road map to get you to your destination(s), while providing flexibility to adapt to changes along the route.

We offer stand-alone plans, or our full wealth management program that includes our investment management services. Give us a call today to set up a complimentary review at 619-255-9554.

Knowledgeable and expert.




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