Financial Advisor Form ADV

All financial advisors must provide you with a copy of their ADV. When selecting an advisor, the ADV is a good place to start your research.

Our Fiduciary Promise


We promise to put your interests ahead of our own and to provide transparent and straightforward fee-only services. We are an independent firm with no affiliation to a broker or parent company, so we don’t sell investment products, insurance, or annuities. We will act in the utmost good faith and unswerving loyalty to you. We will make recommendations only after understanding your investment objectives, financial situation, and concerns.

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ADV Part 2A: Financial Advisor Firm Brochure

In our firm brochure, you can find detailed information on how we work. In-depth sections cover our services, our fees and compensation, and our methods of analysis and investment strategies. You can also read our Code of Ethics.

Download ADV Part 2A


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ADV Part 2B: Financial Advisor Brochure Supplement

The ADV is a great place to start research for a financial advisor. A resume style document, the brochure supplement shows a clear list of your advisor’s education and designations, business background, other business activities. More importantly, you can see if your advisor has ever been disciplined or is receiving additional compensation outside of the financial advisory firm.

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ADV Part 3: Financial Advisor Relationship Summary

Choosing a financial advisor is an important decision. Financial advisors, banks, insurers, and brokers offer different services and receive payment differently. The relationship summary is a short overview of the ADV, focusing on how your financial advisor receives payment and their obligations to you.

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Download a PDF of our ADV: PlattWM ADV 2024

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