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Financial strategies based on your values.

Understanding your priorities


What is your biggest concern? What are your priorities, your goals? Let us help you explore your financial possibilities. We’ll talk together to get a sense of what is important for you and your family.

What does holistic financial planning involve?

Plan for your financial milestones.


Creating your financial strategy


To create your unique strategy, we will talk with you about risk and any concerns you might have about stock market ups and downs. We’ll design a portfolio that grows over time, but also lets you sleep at night.

Learn more about our investment approach.

Begin a conversation about risk.

Investment management

Rediscovering your dreams


At Platt Wealth Management, we empower our clients to lead their best lives by providing them with the financial expertise they need.

We help our families think through their goals, and even dreams they never thought possible. Then, we work together to put in place financial options that give them peace of mind.

Platt Wealth Management is a team of experts who take the time to really get to know our clients. Once we understand their needs and wishes, we apply our full complement of wealth management services, sophisticated financial planning and disciplined investment management.

Does Covid-19 have you nervous about your finances?

We’d like to help. After implementing our business continuity plan and moving to remote work, we continue to find new opportunities for our clients and our team.

Chief Investment Officer and financial advisor, Jeff Platt, JD, LLM, CFA, CFP® talks about how Platt Wealth Management is operating during Covid-19 shelter in place orders, investing in a down market and what’s most important for investors at this time.


What’s in the American Rescue Plan?

  There’s a lot to unpack in the newly-passed, newly-signed American Rescue Plan bill. The goal is to help relieve the economic suffering caused by the COVID pandemic in various sectors. The bill makes unemployment benefits more generous, health insurance more...

Everything You Need to Know About RMD’s

As Ben Franklin said, “… [n]othing is certain but death and taxes.” Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are the method the IRS uses to ensure that you pay some taxes on your pretax retirement savings. They’re pretty straightforward, but there is a catch here and...

How Pent Up Demand Could Fuel Economic Recovery

With major league baseball’s spring training just around the corner, you may already be daydreaming about the smell of cut grass and roasted peanuts, hearing the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd — just to feel normal again.  If so, you are not alone — not...

Financial Independence for Women

Your road map to financial security.   Women face many unique challenges when it comes to personal finance and investing. Physical and emotional - longevity, more subject to elder abuse, more likely to struggle after divorce or death of partner. Workplace – lower...

Smart Credit for Smart People

In the consumer economy, credit is pretty easy to obtain. That often leads to problems for those who don’t know how to use it wisely. At the other end of the spectrum, some people avoid using credit altogether. Smart people use smart credit strategies to maximize...

Financial Planning and Investing for Women

We've put together some ideas for women to get comfortable talking about financial planning and investing. Women face many unique challenges when it comes to personal finance and investing. One big challenge is that money is a taboo topic for women. By one estimate,...

We would love to explore your possibilities with you.

In addition to our fee-only investment management services, Platt Wealth Management offers financial plans to answer your important financial questions. How close are you now to your goals and dreams? Where do you want to go? How can you get there?

Our four-step financial planning process is designed to be a road map to get you to your destination(s), while providing flexibility to adapt to changes along the route.

We offer stand-alone plans, or our full wealth management program that includes our investment management services. Give us a call today to set up a complimentary review at 619-255-9554.

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