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How We’ve Helped Our Clients

Discover the stories of our clients who are successful in their careers. Find out how we worked with them to create wealth plans that fit their lifestyles and goals.

Rediscover your dreams.


At Platt Wealth Management, we empower our clients to lead their best lives by providing them with the financial tools they need.

We help our families think through their goals, and even dreams they never thought possible. Then we work together to put in place financial options that give them peace of mind.

Platt Wealth Management is a team of experts who take the time to really get to know our clients. Once we understand their needs and wishes, we apply our full complement of wealth management services, sophisticated financial planning and disciplined investment management.

Our mission is to determine how we can best help our clients and improve as a company. If we re-frame a client’s situation so they can achieve their goals and recognize what’s most important in their lives, then we know we’ve done a good day’s work

Our Fiduciary Promise

As a fiduciary advisory firm, we promise to put your interests ahead of our own at all times. We provide transparent and straight forward fee-only services. As we are independent with no affiliation to a broker or parent company, we don’t sell wrap products, insurance, or annuities.

3 Ways A Financial Advisor Can Transform Your Business

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Why Both Spouses Should Attend the Financial Planning Meetings

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Tax Deadlines and Valentine’s Day Tips

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Financial Planning and Investing for Women

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6 Planning Tips for Getting Paid With Equity

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Personalized Investments

Find your unique risk profile. Use it to build a portfolio that grows over time, but also lets you sleep at night.

Custom Financial Planning

Let us help you explore your financial possibilities. We’ll work together to design a financial plan customized for you and your family.

Wealth Management

Get the best advice and options at each financial milestone you encounter. Build a lifetime of sound investment management, combined with a financial plan that will help you reach your goals.

Learn more about who we are and how we make a difference for our clients.

We would love to explore your possibilities with you.

In addition to our fee-only investment management services, Platt Wealth Management offers financial plans to answer your important financial questions. How close are you now to your goals and dreams? Where do you want to go? How can you get there?

Our four-step financial planning process is designed to be a road map to get you to your destination(s), while providing flexibility to adapt to changes along the route.

We offer stand-alone plans, or our full wealth management program that includes our investment management services. Give us a call today to set up a complimentary review at 619-255-9554.

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