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What is your biggest concern? What are your priorities, your goals? Let us help you explore your financial possibilities. We’ll talk together to get a sense of what is important for you and your family.

What does holistic financial planning involve?

Plan for your financial milestones.


Creating your financial strategy


To create your unique strategy, we will talk with you about risk and any concerns you might have about stock market ups and downs. We’ll design a portfolio that grows over time, but also lets you sleep at night.

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Investment management

Rediscovering your dreams


At Platt Wealth Management, we empower our clients to lead their best lives by providing them with the financial expertise they need.

We help our families think through their goals, and even dreams they never thought possible. Then, we work together to put in place financial options that give them peace of mind.

Platt Wealth Management is a team of experts who take the time to really get to know our clients. Once we understand their needs and wishes, we apply our full complement of wealth management services, sophisticated financial planning and disciplined investment management.

Does Covid-19 have you nervous about your finances?

We’d like to help. After implementing our business continuity plan and moving to remote work, we continue to find new opportunities for our clients and our team.

Chief Investment Officer and financial advisor, Jeff Platt, JD, LLM, CFA, CFP® talks about how Platt Wealth Management is operating during Covid-19 shelter in place orders, investing in a down market and what’s most important for investors at this time.


Inflation: Trouble for the Economy?

Of all the fears investors have faced over the past 30 years, high inflation wasn’t among them. In 2021, that’s changed. Today, the biggest questions for investors revolve around inflation: How high will it go and how long will it last? Is it “transitory” as the...

The World and Investing in 2030

The world in 2030 may seem a long way off, but as investors it’s important to spend some time thinking about the distant future. Imagining life in 2030 is not a hypothetical. In the portfolios we manage, the average holding period is about eight years, so we’re living...

Be Empowered: Why Women Should Learn About Finances

Consider this scenario of a couple. Jane is a successful surgeon who makes good money. Her husband, John, comes from an affluent family and has considerable wealth to his name, but all of it is held in a trust. The couple, for many years, lives off Jane’s salary...

Retirement Account Tax Changes for 2021

Every year brings new tax rules and updates, so it's important to take a quick look at retirement tax changes for 2021. Find out about possible tax increases. Manage your tax liability by using your retirement accounts and other tax deductions.  Tax Changes for...

Should I be worried about inflation?

Many investors want to know if there are good reasons now to be worried about inflation. Inflation, which is the trend of prices over time to rise, hasn’t reared its ugly head too much so far in the 21st century. In fact, during the coronavirus pandemic, some sectors...

Should I Invest in Private Equity?

In recent years, the private equity sector has attracted a lot of attention, especially from high net worth investors asking, “Should I invest in private equity?” These investments are in private, non-publicly traded companies, so many investors in mutual funds and...

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