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What is a trusted contact?


A trusted contact acts as your back up contact. What if you become unable to respond due to diminished capacity or become the target of fraud? This person is someone your advisor can talk to in order to confirm:


  • Your contact information.
  • Your mental health or physical status.
  • Red flags that indicate you are being financially exploited.

Who can be a trusted contact?


  • At least 18 years old.
  • Usually family members or close friends, people you might see daily or weekly.
  • Preferably not someone already authorized to conduct business for you, someone other than your Power of Attorney.

NOT a Power of Attorney


A trusted contacted does not act on your behalf.

  • They cannot view your account information, execute transactions, or ask about your account activity.
  • They can only speak with us to confirm you are OK.

Speak to an Advisor

 If you would like to have a trusted contact on file, speak with your advisor today about filling out the necessary paperwork. If you are working with a broker or not comfortable with your current advisor, please feel welcome to give us a call.


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