The CARES Act has suspended Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) for 2020.

This update applies to qualified retirement accounts, IRAs, and inherited IRAs. If you have already taken a distribution and you don’t need the money, you may be able to undo your distribution if you meet two rules:


  • Distributions must be rolled back into the account within 60 days of the distribution.


  • You must meet the once-per-year rule. If you receive a distribution, you cannot roll that distribution into an IRA tax-free within 12 months of another distribution that was rolled over into an IRA.

Generally, RMDs cannot be rolled over back into retirement accounts. However, the CARES Act was retroactive to the beginning of 2020. Since RMDs are suspended, distributions are no longer considered RMDs and are eligible for rollover treatment.

Beneficiaries of inherited IRAs that have already taken distributions are out of luck. They cannot undo the distribution. Inherited IRAs are not eligible for rollovers unless the sole beneficiary is the surviving spouse of the deceased account owner.

RMDs and the two rules for rolling distributions back can be complex with serious tax consequences. Please call your advisor if you have questions or want to discuss your options.


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