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Jab, parry, straight right!


Round three opens with both players showing some sweat. Ringside is exciting or scary depending on the seats and your level of comfort with flying body fluids.


So, if you are not in the ring, what does the ongoing trade fight mean for you?

    Spectator Sport Only


    On an individual basis, this match only serves as a mere spectacle because confident investors stay in their seats. They have the discipline to maintain a long-term investment perspective and as a result, achieve long-term investment success.

    That’s why we take the time to go over your risk profile and invest your portfolio with the right asset allocation, the one that gives you peace of mind no matter who is fighting on the world stage. The right asset allocation enables you to stay the course when challenging market environments occur. 

    If you wish to discuss your allocation or any other concerns, please call us.



    Fee-Only Fiduciary


    Platt Wealth Management is a fee-only advisor helping clients achieve their financial goals. We offer customized financial advice, financial planning, and investment management. If you would like to learn more about our services or request a consultation to review your current portfolio, please give us a call. 619.255.9554.


    We provide stand-alone financial plans for a flat fee, investment management as retainer or asset basis points fee. Leverage our full expertise and benefit from discounts with our full wealth management service.

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