A business financial advisor can help you avoid costly mistakes and maximize your business returns.

How can a business financial advisor do this? Business professionals live busy (occasionally hectic) lives consisting of hundreds of meetings, client requests, sales goals, and a list of services to uphold. With other tasks taking precedent, it’s easy to add managing your finances as just another thing to check off your ever-growing to-do list. That’s why a business financial advisor is key to maximizing your return from your business.

 Financials are one of the first areas to start slipping through the cracks as a business gains traction and grows. To avoid heading down the slippery slope of inadequate financial management, we suggest hiring a financial professional.


Many business owners avoid hiring a financial planner thinking it will add unnecessary costs, however that is a false reality. Working with a professional business financial advisor can not only save you time and money, but also grant you peace of mind knowing the financial state of your business is taken care of now and in the future. 


The benefits of adding a financial planner to your team are endless, but we’ve compiled a list of our top 3 reasons as to exactly how they can transform the way you work.


A business financial advisor can help you: manage your employee benefits…for your benefit.

It’s no secret that employee benefits, such as a 401(k), are an important piece of your business. While important, retirement plans can also be a tricky process, demanding a large amount of time and attention that many business professionals simply don’t have.

What can a financial planner do for your 401(k) program?

Consult on the details and fine print of your plan

Maintain the health of your account

Manage current assets

Help establish and reach investment goals

Broaden your investment portfolio

By creating a seamless 401(k) plan, your financial planner is also helping your business minimize employee turnover. It’s true — roughly 40% of employees who work for small businesses said they would leave their current company for one that offers a quality 401(k) plan.

Business owners can also receive a tax break from corporate taxes by having a qualified program in place.

A business financial advisor can: execute strategies and help plan your goals.

Capital is arguably one of the most important aspects of a small business, making their investments a vital piece to their long-term success. A professional can help diversify a business’s assets with the long term goal of yielding higher, long-term returns and lowering the risk of individual holdings. Financial advisors will help you maintain a healthy mix of asset types and classes and manage those assets in an efficient way.

Every business’s goals are different and will require a unique mix of assets. Asset allocation and risk tolerance are key determinants when choosing investments taking into account your business’s goals, cash flow needs, and tax considerations.

A seasoned financial planner will:

Keep your portfolio manageable

Know where your money fits best (ex: stocks, commodities, exchange-traded funds, and/or real estate funds)

Continue to build your portfolio based on growth and economic status

Know when it’s time to cut ties with unprofitable investments

A financial advisor is also able to offer you personal financial strategies such as how and when to retire, to help you choose which investments fit best into your future lifestyle. Whether they are optimizing your capital for future business growth or advising on your retirement plan, a financial planner is the backbone for your future successes.

A business financial advisor can: execute strategies and help plan your goals.

A financial planner will be able to help you brainstorm, set, and execute your business’s financial goals. These goals include but are not limited to: exit strategies, investment aspirations, insurance needs, business set-up/liability, and a comfortable retirement plan

All small business owners will eventually exit their businesses, whether it is to start a new business or to begin the adventure of retirement. Either way, a financial planner can help facilitate these sometimes difficult discussions and decisions to help prepare your business for if/when you are no longer there.

Financial planners can also help keep you organized which in turn will help save the business money so it can reinvest in itself. They can give your business the opportunity to expand and grow through:

Employee training
New hires
Additional programs and/or products

Empowering you is our mission as your business financial advisor.


At Platt Wealth Management, our ultimate goal is to empower our clients by providing personalized and seamless financial planning advice and expertise. As a business owner, you wear many ‘hats’ throughout the day, but you are also not expected to be a financial expert. That’s why we’ve developed a four-step financial planning process that is designed to get you where you want to go while providing flexibility to adapt to any changes that may come your way.

Are you looking to strengthen your business or personal finances? Are you ready to save time, money, and gain peace of mind? Look no further — our team is committed to finding you the right solution. Give us a call today at (619) 255-9554 to set up a complimentary review and discuss how a financial planner can fit into your business plan.


Are you on track for retirement?

Making sure you will be ready for retirement can be overwhelming. Funding your retirement accounts over the years is just one part of your journey to the retirement of your dreams. A Certified Financial PlannerTM can help you navigate the complexities of financial planning. Talk to a Financial Planner>

Dream. Plan. Do.

Platt Wealth Management offers financial plans to answer your important financial questions. Where are you? Where do you want to be? How can you get there? Our four-step financial planning process is designed to be a road map to get you where you want to go while providing flexibility to adapt to changes along the route. We offer stand alone plans or full wealth management plans that include our investment management services. Give us a call today to set up a complimentary review. 619-255-9554.


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